Open Hammock Kite Pose

Open Hammock Kite Sequence This is an open hammock flow for beginners and intermediate. If you enjoyed this video please follow and stay tuned for more🙂 • Step one foot into open fabric. Standing foot in the back front leg forward. Grab sides of fabric, open arms spreading fabric. • Push standing leg to the side other leg lean back and hook knee. • Reach up and push wrapped leg down, turn body to open fabric and step foot in. • Hook hand outside in to grip fabric, turn your body to face back grab other side of fabric. • Lift and turn the leg that isn’t wrapped, crossing over the wrapped leg and hook knee Open Kite • Reach down grab the edge of the fabric and open arms. Exit • Unhook knee, and let your body slide down into fabric. Slowly release top hand. Grab fabric on each side pull up and press your wrapped leg down to end in thigh wrap pose. Make sure to listen to your body and enjoy! Practice on right and left side🙂 #aerialyoga #aerialfun #aerialyogateacher #aerialsport #aerialdance #faithandfitness#flyingfitness #aerialsling #aerialflow #flyingyoga #yogamanila #aerialarts #aerialfit #getinverted #antigravityyoga #aerialtricks #aerialdrop #flyingflow #aerialfitness #aerialtraining #aerialistsofig #aerialyogabeginner #aerialyogaph #aerialyogateachertraining #aerialhammock #에어리얼요가 #空中瑜珈 #플라잉요가 #aerialpose #エアリアルヨガ

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