Open Hammock Thigh Wrap

Open Hammock Thigh Wrap Sequence
This is a simple stretch flow for beginners
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• Open fabric place leg inside with toes out. Pull fabric up by hip.
• Bend knee and put shoulders thru the center of fabric.
Spine Twist Stretch
• Open arms and hand with bent knee reaches down, other hand reaches up and gaze upward.
• Come back to standing and remove shoulders.
Thigh Wrap
• Grab the fabric on the inside, reach hands high and turn leg thru center of fabric.
• Hold forward and stretch arms. Next press forward, front arm reaches back to hold and bend knee to rest in fabric.
• Place hands together behind head and lean back for stretch.
• Bring front arm to back side so both shoulders are behind fabric. Reach up and bring leg to front.
• Bring shoulders forward, grip fabric with thumbs down. Stretch to open chest.
• Place foot on ground lean back and look up for leg stretch.
• Turn body forward and reach to toes for side stretch, gaze upward.
Come back to center.

Make sure to listen to your body and enjoy!
Make sure to practice right and left side🙃


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